I used to be so guilty of skipping breakfast every day just to save time or sleep in later in the morning but I quickly found out this wasn’t doing any good for my fitness goals. Not to mention I was hungry way before lunchtime and then over-ate. Throughout the last couple of years, there has been so much research done on the importance of eating breakfast and it was found that eating in the morning could help with your weight loss goals. Wait what – actually eating can help you lose weight?!

I used to think that cutting calories in the morning were the best thing for my body but actually, the opposite is true. Your body will thank you for eating a protein and fibre-rich breakfast each morning by helping to keep your appetite in check for the rest of the day. This is super helpful for the overeaters like me. Not to mention eating in the morning will assist in kick starting your metabolism and begin your day with the vitamins and minerals to help to keep focused throughout the day.

Nutritionists generally recommend the following tips when eating breakfast in the morning:
– Breakfast needs to be eaten within two hours of waking up.
– A healthy breakfast should be within 25-35% of your daily caloric limit.
– Your breakfast should include a source of protein, calcium and fibre.

I know time is important for everyone and cutting breakfast can save time but it’s simply not good for your health or even just your mental clarity. My favourite simple breakfast is a fruit smoothie that takes less than 30 seconds to blend and a couple minutes to prepare. I will post the recipe below!

Stay healthy and eat your breakfast always,

XO, T.