Inspirational quotes self love self care hope spirit spiritual meditate Buddhism Buddhist yoga heal healing happy happiness.jpegWe are constantly surrounded by stress; from our jobs, our family and even just daily life. I have often thought, I just need a moment of silence to collect myself and I am sure you have too Meditation can be that moment of silence for you, or even just more time to breathe.

I discovered meditation in university and it came highly recommended by all of our professors and I decided to give it a try in a group setting. I did guided meditation and still do because I prefer having someone walk me through the steps to keep my mind from wandering. Meditation essentially just focuses on your breathing and spatial awareness. 

Meditation has been known to assist with a variety of conditions such as reducing stress, mode disorders such as anxiety and depression. Buddhist monks were known for commitment to practicing Meditation and they show higher brain activity and higher alpha waves; which could show it assists with brain development. 

Meditation game on point

I recommend Meditating however you feel comfortable; whether that’s in the classic meditating pose, laying down or even in bed. I find doing Meditation before bed, in bed works best for me because my mind is at ease and ready to sleep after.

Grab a comfy spot, take deep breaths and relax,

XO, T.

P.s. There is an amazing app called Headspace which will guide you through how to meditate step by step.